Serengeti Calving and Predators 2019

Serengeti Calving and Predators 2019

14 Feb 12:00 - 20 Feb 15:00 - Pretoria
C4 Photo Safaris


Over the past 8 years C4 Photo Safaris have run photo safaris to this magnificent, but large wonderland. We have now refined this itinerary to give you the ultimate experience of the Serengeti calving season. Spend 5 glorious nights with us deep in the beating heart of this ecosystem. We have a located and partnered with a small camp, far away from other lodges with their own airstrip. From here we have exclusive access the reserve as well as the game management areas- perfect for locating and spending time with the calving herds of wildebeest.

From this base you will head out to firstly witness the spectacle of the calving wildebeest and secondly search for hunting predators. This season attracts predators in search of easy prey. Our count for the last 5 seasons reads: 5 kills in 5 days, 6 kills in 5 days and 3 kills in 4 days. If it is predatory action you are after then this is the safari for you. Expect to see lion and cheetah on a daily basis, with black backed jackals and hyena as daily additions. Its not only the mammals that come to feast- Birds of prey are everywhere during the calving season and this must be the best place in Africa to photograph raptors!

South Luangwa with Jonathan Scott 2019

17 Aug 12:00 - 24 Aug 15:00 17 Aug 12:00 - 24 Aug 15:00 - Pretoria Pretoria
C4 Photo Safaris C4 Photo Safaris
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