Intermediate Course Photography

Intermediate Course Photography

19 Feb 18:30 - 21:00 - Strand
STUDIO7 School of Photography & Graphic Design


Ok... so you have done an intro course! Now lets take your Photography skills to the next level!
Duration: once a week over 10 weeks Cost R3 500

SESSION 1) FILTERS: How to use them;
a) The Neutral Density Filter b) Grad filters and especially the Neutral Density Grey Grad Filter c) The Polarizer Filter d) The Warm Filter e) The Soft Focus Filter

SESSION 2) LANDSCAPES: (Field Trip) Learn how to create artistic,atmospheric landscapes & misty seascapes with the use of filters.

SESSION 3) COLOUR vs BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY: What is colour harmony & colour contrast? What subjects are best suited to Black & White? Learn how to edit and produce powerful Black & White images

SESSION 4) LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY: learn how to take photographs indoors or at night without your flash.

SESSION 5 & 6) FLASH TECHNIQUE: (Workshop) Learn how to handle your external flash. a) High Speed Sync Flash b) Bounce Flash c) Off Camera Flash d) Wireless remote Flash e) Rear Curtain Flash f) "DRAGGING the shutter" with flash

SESSION 7) CITY AT NIGHT: Learn how to take stunning photographs of your city under cover of darkness but with all its beautiful twinkling lights.

SESSION 8) STAR TRAIL PHOTOGRAPHY: Learn how to capture enchanting, mystical star trail images

SESSION 9) Constructing your star trail images

SESSION 10) Reviewing your best images from the start of the course. Wine & snacks

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